BUYER'S GUIDE: Get the best garage door opener for you!


Next, we will help you simplify the issues and quickly narrow your focus down to two or three openers that are a good fit for you. Then, if you wish, we can more closely review the specifics of those with you. This way, you can easily make your final selection of a new garage door opener. As we go, you will also learn why certain models of garage door opener (from Liftmaster) are the ones that we most often recommend and install (plus we will share the exceptions for when we recommend something else).

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There are 3 key issues for finding the opener that is right for you. We will focus first on how important a low price is to you. Select either A or B below and then click your selection. Additional information is below the 2 options.

#1 Affordability           #2 Quietness          #3 Strength

A) "Low price is crucial to me."

B)"Price is not crucial to me."

Basically, if you select the top option above, we will skip over some of the "luxury" options. We assume that everyone is interested in keeping the price low for their new opener (as long as the opener offers the features that are a priority to them). However, we respect that for some people the purchase price will be absolutely crucial to your decision (relative to other issues like warranty coverage).

So, once we review the remaining issues (to identify which features you want a great deal on), then we will always recommend the opener that is the best value for your priorities. If you simply want to focus only on the most affordable systems (including any current discounts), then we will be happy to install a very inexpensive garage door opener for you.

In some cases, there will even be temporary discounts offered by a manufacturer for a particular model. We can let you know of special promotions that may get you a better quality opener for the same cost or even less. If you can get a better opener for a lower price because of a discount, wouldn't you want to know? (Click one of the two choices above to proceed to the next page now.)