BUYER'S GUIDE: Get the best garage door opener for you!


Next, we will help you simplify the issues and quickly narrow your focus down to two or three openers that are a good fit for you. Then, if you wish, we can more closely review the specifics of those with you. This way, you can easily make your final selection of a new garage door opener. As we go, you will also learn why certain models of garage door opener (from Liftmaster) are the ones that we most often recommend and install (plus we will share the exceptions for when we recommend something else).

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There are 2 more key issues left. Scroll down and select one of the 3 options below.

#1 Affordability           #2 Quietness          #3 Strength

#2 How big of an issue for you is the quietness of the opener?

If you have a single-story home (with no occupied space directly over the garage, such as a bedroom), then the sound of the opener may not be a big issue. For other people with at least a two-story home, using a garage door opener with a loud chain-drive may be a disturbance you would prefer to prevent. You may prefer a quiet opener (with a belt-drive). We usually recommend either a chain-drive (which is least expensive) or a belt-drive (very quiet). We typically do not recommend direct drive or screw-drive openers.

A) "Quiet is important to me!"

B)"Loud would be okay."

C)"I'm not sure."