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Keeping your garage cool

Some people ask us what they can do to reduce the heat in their garage in the summer. There are many favorable options.

First, do you know what direction your garage doors face? That can be a big factor in how much sun they get (like if they face due east or due west), as well as the amount of natural shade that they get from tall trees or tall buildings. So, especially with garage doors that get a lot of direct sun in the summer, there are a few obvious methods to help reduce the amount of heat that accumulates in your garage.

First is to simply avoid the typical metal garage doors in favor of a garage door that has at least an external layer of wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Another option is to add some kind of sun shading over your metal garage doors, like what is shown here: keep your garage cool with a sun shade.

The article at that link also details other options, like slightly raising the garage doors in the summer or- even better- adding a small ventilation opening up high to allow hot air to escape from the garage. Another obvious solution is to install a window in to the side of the garage (but then you will need to be sure keep it open for most of the summer).

"What about insulated garage doors?"

Insulation of the garage doors can be even more important than the insulation throughout the walls of the garage. We invite you to request that, when we replace your garage doors next, we install new ones that have factory-installed insulation.

(We can add insulation after the initial installation of your new garage doors, but the factory-installed insulation typically has the best quality seal that is possible, plus it will be less expensive than adding insulation later.) Also, be sure to ask us about the difference between standard foam insulation and heat-reflective radiant barrier insulation (and note that you can certainly use both together for maximum benefit).

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