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Frequently-Asked Questions


1. Why is your company better for me?

2. Will you tell me what to check without charging me?

3. Do you still offer same-day & next-day garage door repair?

4. What new garage door is best for me?

5. Which home warranty do you recommend?


6. Where in Arizona do you service garage doors?

7. What garage door parts will you install / replace?

8. Do you work with all brands of garage doors?

9. Do you still offer discounts?

10. Any tips for cooling my hot garage in Phoenix?


When people ask us "why our company is better," we think first of the testimonials that so many clients have given us across the last several decades. Also, *why* we are better is probably as simple as stating that "we truly care about earning your long-term business by providing you higher quality at lower prices." But what people may want to know when they ask "WHY are we better" is actually "HOW are we better." To tell you specifically HOW we are better (other than the fact that all our repairs come with a warranty to guarantee your long-term satisfaction), let's look at a few reviews....

A homeowner in Glendale wrote this within her 5-star recommendation of us: "We had another company come out per our home warranty.... I would not recommend them." She even mentions them by name in her review on yelp. (Her review is the one at the very bottom of this page.)

Why did she go to the trouble of specifically mentioning that she does not recommend them? What often happens in the garage door industry is that when working under home warranty coverage a garage door company realizes that they can double-bill for that repair job. So, they bill the warranty company once and then also attempt to find anything outside of the warranty coverage so that they can then charge the homeowner as well (or justify multiple visits to charge the warranty company more than once for a single repair).

Are multiple visits ever justified? Of course! A homeowner in Scottsdale shared a review of us in which she said that the garage door had "been causing us problems since we moved in." It turns out that the source of the problem was a bad computer board. (To read that 5-star review, click here.)

As background, if the opener works "off and on" (inconsistently) or seems to "jerk or spasm" or sometimes mysteriously just does not go all the way up or down, we know what to do. Those issues may not just be caused by a dying battery for a remote. That kind of issue is more likely to be caused by something within the opener, like a bad computer board or loose wires. So, since we do not carry in our vehicles a month's supply of every computer board for every model of opener, there sometimes will be a second trip required so that we can get the right part to install on the second visit.

But it would be very unusual to have 3 or more trips for the same repair job. If the proper assessment is done the first time and then all the right parts are on hand for any follow-up visit, two visits should be enough. In fact, in many cases, we can get an excellent idea of what the root issue is from the homeowner's brief description over the phone. So, typically we can complete the repairs in a single visit.

However, many other companies seem to have different priorities from ours. Again, if the garage door opener is not consistently working, there are many possible causes. So, if a repairman can get the opener to work one time, then they may neglect to check for other issues (and leave- perhaps even hoping or even knowing for sure that there will be the same underlying issue within a few days again). In other words, they are not devoted to quickly assessing the whole situation and fixing everything right the first time.

So, back to the case of that the first homeowner that I mentioned above (in Glendale), she had a 2-car garage with 2 independent garage doors and openers. We fixed both of them for her (at different times)- as she specified in her recommendation.

Also, we not only assessed the problem that led to her original call to her home warranty company, but we fixed the shoddy work of the other repair service. You might not believe how often that happens if we simply told you, so we'll just say vaguely that there have been many times that we have "corrected" the repairs of certain other garage door companies in Phoenix.

Further, when there is a major alignment issue (like with loose tracks), you actually don't want the garage door to go up or down without resolving that alignment issue (or else you could do serious damage to the door or even the bracing). Likewise, if there is major friction and the bearings need to be lubricated plus the alignment fixed, it is best to fix everything (not just to fix one symptom and neglect to even identify the root issue).

On the subject of understanding how the whole system works, here is a piece of another recommendation (from a homeowner in Sun City West to the NW of Phoenix): "The garage door was out of alignment and I tried to fix it. BIG mistake!" (To read that review, click here.) If you don't know how to find the source of the problem, call us. We can either walk you through a few "safe" corrections (at no charge) or else schedule a time to come inspect and repair it.

So, in contrast to us, other garage door companies in Phoenix (and other parts of Arizona) may be negligent or even attempt to deceptively get an extra payment from the homeowner (after already being compensated by the warranty company). We are not just talking about fixing a spring when the warranty covers only the opener but not the springs. This can include a pattern of outright fraud. (By the way, to read what we recommend regarding warranty coverages and companies, click here: ________.)

Whether or not you are contacting us about a repair that is covered under a home warranty, you will get our full expertise and dedication. We've been doing this full-time since the 1980s, so we have accumulated more than a little expertise. On that note, here is one more 5-star review:

"Steve went above and beyond... didn't just fix what I reported as an issue with our garage door opener. He was super helpful and knowledgeable. Highly recommend his service."

(To keep reading our reviews, click here: Arizona's favorite garage door company.)


Yes, as long as you are in our service area in Arizona, we will talk with you about what you can check on your own at no charge. Our policy is that we will earn your future long-term business. So, if you have any questions about your garage door or opener, let us know. You can click the button at the very bottom to send a message or, to speak with us, click this button:

Call now: (602) 278 6476


With rare exceptions, we can help with your urgent service needs, such as if your garage door is jammed and your car is trapped in there when you need to leave. To make it even easier for you to hire us in an emergency, you will be relieved to know that we accept all major credit cards. Whether you live in Northeast Arizona or in greater Phoenix, use the button above to call us right now to schedule your garage door repairs.


We can recommend a garage door to you once we know more about your priorities and preferences. Some are very affordable, others are very durable (or stunningly gorgeous), and of course some have special features like windows.

We do generally recommend that whenever you hire us to install new garage doors, you get doors that are already fit with insulation by the factory. The additional cost is small and quickly "will pay for itself" in reduced electrical bills for cooling in the summer. Also, if you would like to use your garage for other things besides parking a car or storage, we'd be happy to talk with you about installing a screen or transparent cover. Click the image below for basic info (or contact us). Lifestyle Garage Door Screens


On your home warranty, we recommend that you get full coverage (including for garage door springs). Broken springs are a very common issue and the small extra cost to have that coverage is generally worth it.

As for specific companies, you are welcome to call and ask us about which ones are our favorite. Since we regularly perform work for several home warranty providers, we prefer not to publish anything about which one or ones we consider the best value. However, you are welcome to send us a request by using the button at the very bottom of this page.


We provide garage door repair services in Phoenix and beyond, including most of Gila County, Navajo County, and of course Maricopa County. In Gila County, that includes Payson, Star Valley, and Forest Lakes. In Navajo County, that includes Show Low, Heber, Overgaard, Holbrook & Snowflake, etc. From Surprise to Mesa, or Scottsdale to Goodyear, call us right now for garage door repair and we can let you know how fast we will be there for you.


Not only will we inspect and replace absolutely any component of your garage doors and opener, but we also work with all of those parts when installing new doors (like on new homes that have just been built). If you need a top-of-the-line replacement part, we can help you with finding and installing it. That includes all of the following and more:

openers motors & computer boards panels rollers springs & cables accessories, bracing, bearings, tracks, chains, remotes, keypads, sensors, security locks, & lifestyle screens


Whatever garage door you have, we work on every make and model, plus every shape and size. If you have any questions about your specific needs, call us now and ask. Some of the garage doors or openers that we can repair or replace are: Allister Amarr Garage Doors C.H.I. Chamberlain Clopay Craftsman Genie Pro LiftMaster Professional Sears Wayne Dalton Lifestyle Screens


Yes, we offer special discounts for: senior citizens, military, police officers, and fire-fighters!


We are proud to have served Arizona from the 1980s to today (from the mountains down to Phoenix). The BBB of central Arizona has monitored our excellent record since 1990, giving us an A+ rating.

In 2004, after Arizona started to regulate and license garage door companies, we got licensed. Later, as the internet got popular, our grateful customers have been publishing 5-star reviews recommending our garage door service to people like you all over Arizona, including greater Phoenix. To get more comfortable and confident in our company, read some of our great reviews from sites like Angie's List, Facebook, and Yelp by clicking the button below. Or, simply contact us!

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We will provide you great quality at a great price in or near the following cities in Arizona (including most of Maricopa county, Navajo county, and Gila county):

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